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how to pass level 133 on tomb of the mask

“Tomb of the Mask” is a popular mobile game where you navigate through mazes by swiping to move your character. Level 133, like many other levels in the game, requires a combination of strategy and quick reflexes. Here are some tips to help you pass Level 133 in “Tomb of the Mask”:

  1. Study the Maze: Take a moment to observe the layout of the maze. Look for patterns, obstacles, and the locations of power-ups and enemies.
  2. Plan Your Route: Before you start moving, plan your route through the maze. Try to identify the path that will lead you to the exit while avoiding obstacles and enemies.
  3. Use Boosts Wisely: Collect and use boosts strategically. Boosts can help you move faster, collect coins, and avoid enemies. Save them for situations where they can make a significant difference.
  4. Stay on the Move: Keep your character moving as much as possible. Standing still can be risky, as enemies might catch up to you.
  5. Avoid Enemies: The enemies in “Tomb of the Mask” follow set patterns. Study their movements and timing, and try to stay out of their way. Use boosts to escape if necessary.
  6. Collect Coins: Collecting coins can earn you extra points and power-ups. Don’t ignore them, but prioritize staying alive and reaching the exit.
  7. Use Walls to Your Advantage: You can use walls to change direction quickly. Swipe into a wall to change your character’s path.
  8. Practice Patience: Some levels, including Level 133, may require patience. Don’t rush into dangerous situations. Wait for the right moment to make your move.
  9. Watch Ads for Continues (if available): Some games offer the option to continue from where you left off by watching a short ad. If this option is available in “Tomb of the Mask,” consider using it to give yourself more chances to pass the level.
  10. Stay Calm: Remember that “Tomb of the Mask” can be challenging, but it’s also meant to be fun. Stay calm, and don’t get frustrated if you don’t pass a level right away. Practice and persistence will help you improve.

Level 133, like other levels in the game, may take several attempts to complete successfully. Keep practicing, refine your strategy, and soon you’ll find yourself moving on to the next level. Enjoy the game!

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