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how to overhead cast in fishing planet

To perform an overhead cast in the fishing simulation game “Fishing Planet,” you need to follow a specific set of steps using your mouse and keyboard. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Choose Your Fishing Gear: Before attempting an overhead cast, make sure you have selected the appropriate fishing rod, reel, and bait for the type of fish you want to catch.
  2. Find a Fishing Spot: Position your character at a location with water where you’d like to fish. Make sure you’re near the edge of the water for casting.
  3. Hold Down the Right Mouse Button (RMB): To prepare for the cast, hold down the right mouse button (RMB). This action will allow you to control the casting power.
  4. Move the Mouse Backward: While holding down the RMB, move your mouse backward. This motion simulates the action of lifting your rod tip to load the rod with energy.
  5. Set the Casting Power: As you move the mouse backward, you’ll notice a power meter or indicator on the screen. This meter determines the casting distance. The further you move the mouse backward, the more power you’ll generate for the cast.
  6. Release the RMB to Cast: When you’ve reached your desired casting power, release the right mouse button (RMB). This action will initiate the cast.
  7. Aim the Cast: While in the casting motion, you can adjust the direction of your cast by moving your mouse left or right. Aim your cast toward the desired location in the water where you believe fish may be.
  8. Reel In: After the bait hits the water, you can begin reeling in by clicking and holding the left mouse button (LMB). This action simulates retrieving your bait or lure to attract fish.
  9. Pay Attention to Fish Behavior: Watch for signs of fish activity, such as nibbles or tension on the line. Be ready to react quickly when a fish bites.
  10. Set the Hook: When you feel a fish biting or see a noticeable tug on the line, quickly strike by pulling your mouse in the opposite direction. This sets the hook in the fish’s mouth.
  11. Reel In the Fish: After setting the hook, use your mouse to reel in the fish. Pay attention to the tension on the line and adjust your reeling speed accordingly.
  12. Land the Fish: Once the fish is close to you, be prepared to land it. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the landing process.

Remember that “Fishing Planet” aims to provide a realistic fishing experience, so mastering the casting technique may take some practice. Pay attention to the in-game tutorials and keep practicing your casting skills to improve your chances of catching various types of fish in different locations.

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