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how to pick a kick returner in retro bowl

In “Retro Bowl,” selecting the right kick returner is essential for optimizing your team’s performance. A good kick returner can make a significant impact on the field position, potentially leading to more scoring opportunities. Here are some tips on how to pick a kick returner in “Retro Bowl”:

  1. Assess Player Stats: When you’re considering players for the kick returner position, take a close look at their individual stats. Pay attention to their speed, agility, and acceleration, as these attributes are crucial for a kick returner. Look for players with high ratings in these areas.
  2. Speed Is Key: Speed is perhaps the most critical attribute for a kick returner. A fast player can quickly cover ground and evade defenders. Look for players with a high speed rating, ideally 90 or above.
  3. Agility and Acceleration: Agility helps a player change direction quickly, while acceleration determines how quickly they can reach their top speed. Players with high agility and acceleration are more likely to make successful kick returns.
  4. Ball-Carrying Skills: While not as critical as speed, good ball-carrying skills can help a kick returner avoid tacklers. Look for players with decent ratings in ball-carrying skills such as carrying and elusive.
  5. Experience Matters: Consider a player’s experience level. Players with more experience tend to perform better and make fewer mistakes. However, don’t disregard younger players with exceptional attributes.
  6. Scout Potential Kick Returners: Periodically use your team’s scouting feature to search for potential kick returners. The scouting feature can help you discover new players with the right attributes for the position.
  7. Experiment and Observe: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different players in the kick returner position. After selecting a kick returner, observe their performance in games. If they consistently gain significant yardage on returns, they’re likely a good fit.
  8. Develop Your Own Players: If you have a young player with potential, invest in their development by spending coaching credits on improving their attributes. Over time, they can become a valuable kick returner.
  9. Use Player Traits: Pay attention to player traits that can enhance their kick return abilities. For example, the “Return Specialist” trait can improve a player’s performance in returning kicks.
  10. Stay Informed: Keep an eye on player statistics and potential recruits as the game progresses. Your current kick returner may perform well, but it’s always good to have backup options in case of injury or decline in performance.

Remember that “Retro Bowl” is a dynamic game, and player performance can vary from season to season. Be flexible in your approach and adapt to changes as needed. By selecting a kick returner with the right attributes and observing their performance on the field, you can improve your team’s chances of success in the game.

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