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how to pass level 164 on brain test

Level 164 of Brain Test, like other levels, presents a unique puzzle that requires creative thinking. In this level, you need to find a way to light the bulb using the available tools. Here’s how to pass Level 164 on Brain Test:

  1. Observe the Scene: Take a close look at the scene. You’ll notice that there are a ladder, a bucket, and a light bulb hanging from the ceiling.
  2. Drag the Ladder: Tap and drag the ladder from its current position and place it just beneath the light bulb. This will allow you to reach the bulb.
  3. Drag the Bucket: Now, tap and drag the bucket to place it on top of the ladder, directly under the light bulb. The bucket will act as a platform to help you reach the bulb.
  4. Tap the Bulb: Tap on the light bulb itself, and it will swing back and forth. As it swings toward the bucket, it will make contact with the bucket and create a spark, lighting up the bulb.
  5. Wait for the Spark: Be patient and wait for the bulb to swing toward the bucket and make contact. It may take a few swings, but eventually, it will create a spark and light up.
  6. Complete the Level: Once the bulb is lit, you have successfully completed Level 164!

The key to passing this level is timing and positioning. By placing the ladder and bucket correctly and tapping the bulb at the right moment, you’ll be able to create the spark needed to light up the bulb. Good luck, and enjoy solving more Brain Test puzzles!

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