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how to page on a yealink phone

To page on a Yealink phone, you typically use the built-in intercom or paging feature, which allows you to make announcements or communicate with specific extensions or groups of extensions within your organization. Here’s how to page on a Yealink phone:

1. Pick up the Phone: Lift the handset, or if you’re using a hands-free speakerphone, ensure the phone is in an idle state.

2. Dial the Paging Code: Yealink phones often have a specific paging code that you need to dial to initiate a page. The exact code can vary depending on your phone system or PBX configuration, so you should check your organization’s documentation or contact your IT administrator for the correct code. A common paging code might be something like “*80” or “*81.”

3. Enter the Destination: After dialing the paging code, you will usually need to enter the extension number or group number you want to page. If it’s a group page, you might dial the group number (e.g., “101” for Group 101). If you’re paging an individual extension, you would dial the specific extension number (e.g., “102”).

4. Make Your Announcement: Once you’ve dialed the destination, you can make your announcement or communicate your message. Speak clearly and directly into the phone’s microphone. Everyone at the specified extension(s) or group(s) will hear your message through their phone’s speaker or handset.

5. End the Page: When you’ve finished your announcement, you can either hang up the phone or press a specific key or code to end the page. The method to end the page may vary depending on your phone system’s configuration.

6. Listen for Acknowledgment (Optional): Depending on your phone system, you may hear acknowledgment tones or announcements when someone picks up a phone to listen to the page. This can confirm that your message was received.

7. Adjust Volume and Settings (Optional): You can usually adjust the volume of your page using the volume control buttons on your Yealink phone. Some systems may allow you to customize paging settings through your phone’s menu or web interface.

Please note that the specific steps and codes for paging on a Yealink phone can vary based on your phone system or PBX configuration. It’s essential to refer to your organization’s documentation or contact your IT administrator for the exact paging procedures and codes used in your setup.

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