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Top 2024 Styling Tips for Men’s Check Shirts

white shirts for men, printed shirts for menwhite shirts for men, printed shirts for men

If you are bored with a classic white shirt for men look, it is time to revamp your wardrobe with printed and check shirts. White shirts for men are essential wardrobe staples, offering timeless versatility and sophistication. Adding prints and checks helps you stay on trend while showcasing your tastes and preferences in casual or formal settings.

Check shirts work well in both casual and formal settings. You can choose the style according to your body fit and skin tone from top fashion brands, like JACK&JONES, to look sharp and stylish on any occasion. Many men prefer printed shirts for men to add a vibrant and contemporary touch to their wardrobe, offering an alternative to solid colours. But the allure of the check shirt is unmatched.

Let us explore how to style check shirts to rock your look with confidence and flair.

Tips For Choosing The Right Check Shirt

1.     Body Type

Understanding your body type will help you choose the perfect check shirt, as it can strongly affect your look. 

For broader or more muscular builds, opt for shirts with larger checks. It helps create the illusion of a slimmer physique and balance the body’s proportions.

Conversely, for those with a lean physique, check shirts with smaller checks add a bit of bulk and dimension, creating a more robust frame.

2.     Skin Tone

We understand that white shirts for men are their go-to choice for timeless elegance, but skin tone plays a vital role in choosing the perfect shirt colour.

Whether it is checked or printed shirts for men, skin tone can influence the colour that complements your complexion.

Warmer skin tones tend to go better with earthy tones like brown and green.  

For people with cooler skin tones, hues like purple and blue work better.

Keep exploring different colours that suit your skin tone and body type.

Tips For Style Check Shirts

1.     Match With Jeans And Sneakers

Pairing a check shirt with denim jeans and sneakers gives a simple yet effective casual look for the occasion. Straight-leg jeans in a darker wash with white sneakers help maintain a sleek appearance and add a fresh pop of contrast that complements the check patterns.

2.     Match With Dress Pants And Shoes

Style your check shirts with slim-fit or tailored dress pants for a polished look, perfect for professional and formal occasions. Opt for neutral colours like grey, navy, or black in dress pants and pair them with brown or black shoes to complete your sophisticated look.

3.     Choose The Right Check Pattern

Be considerate while choosing the right check pattern to create a dressy look. For a more formal and sophisticated vibe, opt for smaller check patterns, whereas make an eye-catching statement with larger check shirts.

Final Thoughts

Choose your check shirt carefully from the top fashion brands, including JACK&JONES, and create versatile and stylish looks. Whether you dress in dress pants or keep it casual with jeans and sneakers, check shirts can add a touch of sophistication to any outfit.