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how much mining speed to insta mine hardstone

The term “insta-mine” typically refers to the ability to mine blocks in a video game, such as Minecraft, at a very high speed where blocks are broken instantly upon contact. The mining speed required to insta-mine hardstone (usually referred to as “bedrock” in Minecraft) or any other block can vary depending on the game’s settings and the tools or equipment you’re using.

In Minecraft, for example, bedrock is considered an indestructible block in survival mode, and it cannot be mined or broken by any tools or mining speed. Bedrock serves as the bottom layer of the world and prevents players from falling into the void.

If you’re playing in creative mode in Minecraft, you can instantly break any block, including bedrock, without the need for a specific mining speed.

Keep in mind that the concept of “insta-mining” or the ability to break blocks instantly may be specific to certain game modes, server configurations, or mods within a game. If you’re playing a modded version of a game, the mechanics and mining speeds can be customized by the mod developers, so it’s essential to refer to the specific game or mod’s documentation for precise information on mining speeds and block-breaking abilities.

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