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An Extensive List Of Sweets For Rakhi Celebration

Jun 24, 2024 #send rakhi to UK
send rakhi to UKsend rakhi to UK

The Raksha Bandhan is a joyous and auspicious occasion; hence, the Indian people celebrate it enthusiastically. This unique day eloquently re-presents the unwavering relationship between siblings. Brothers are traditionally gifted with a rakhi, a holy thread, by their sisters. You can send rakhi to UK. As a joyful and loving occasion, Raksha Bandhan isn’t complete without delectable sweets! Here are the top Ghasitaram sweets for Rakhi:

  • Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun doesn’t need a welcome! The traditional way to make it is with paneer, milk powder, and khoya. It is often deep-fried and served with sugar sauce or toffee, which makes it a great treat. You can always find room for this sweet dish that will impress everyone, no matter how full you are! You must send rakhi to UK with a box of Gulab Jamun.

  • Peda

These pretty pedas are from Mathura, but you can see them all over the country now. People usually use khoa, sugar, and spices like cardamom seeds, pistachio nuts, and saffron to add taste. Most of the time, these pedas have different sizes and patterns. Some of these Diwali sweets are thick, and some are slightly thick. While you send rakhi to USA, add a box of OPeda.

  • Gajar ka Halwa

You get carrot halwa when you mix carrots, condensed milk, khoya, and cream. People in the centre and northern India like it the most. Almost every home cooks this food during Diwali. It is decorated with dry fruits. As the holiday season approaches, this is one of the best sweets to enjoy with relatives and friends. You can also add some halwa while you send rakhi to USA.

  • Mysore Pak

Some four ingredients make up the traditional treat Mysore Pak, famous in south India. Using just a few basic things, like gram flour, ghee, sugar, and cardamom, makes for a divine meal. The chefs of the Mysore palace came up with this sweet that will make you feel like a king. It was named “Mysore” after the city where it came from. The word “pak” or “paka” here means sugar syrup because the besan is cooked in a mixture of sugar and butter.

  • Sandesh

Bengal and Odisha are where you can find this treat most often. Milk and sugar are all you need to make the most basic sandesh. Using chhena or paneer instead of milk for more complex recipes is possible. This treat looks great and tastes great at the same time. This is the best sweet for sending rakhi to Australia.


Indian sweets for Rakhi add to the holiday spirit with their delicious tastes and historical importance. These treats from Ghasitaram honor the bond between brothers and add sweetness and joy to the Raksha Bandhan celebrations, making the day unforgettable. Your sibling sends rakhi to Australia with a sweet box, which makes you happier. To know more, please visit our website.